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Why Invest In A Recruiter? | Hospitality Restaurant Staffing, Chicago

Strategic Hospitality Search Looking For A JObPosting a job opening on an online job board is common practice in today’s digital world. Job listing websites boast low posting costs and centralized management of submitted applications.

But posting an open position is just the beginning. The real work (and costs) come after the resumes start pouring in. Before you get in the weeds of the hiring process, consider the value a recruiting partner can bring.



Every step in the hiring process comes with high financial and time commitments, pulling you away from effectively running your organization.


“Our recruiters are consistently complimented by new clients who call us after they have spent 30 to 90 days hoping on candidates from job boards.

Many gave up believing that the level of talent we represent is even in their market. They’re there. They’re not looking at the postings!”

– Joe D’Alessandro, SHS Founder

When you add all the time spent and lost work productivity, that seemingly low job posting fee can climb into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. And while job postings may return candidates, online posts narrow the scope of your search to only those who visit job boards — active job seekers.



Strategic Hospitality Search Hidden Hiring Costs On Job Boards


When you publish an open position online, the people who see the listing are:

SHS Active Job Seeker

SHS Restless Wanderers


These groups do not offer the best candidate options. According to various studies, only 12% of the workforce is actively looking for jobs. But up to 85% of workers would consider changing jobs if the right opportunity was presented to them. When you rely on job boards, you’re missing out on almost all possible candidates.



Strategic Hospitality Search Finding Passive Talent63% of hiring authorities say their biggest challenge is lack of suitable candidates.

34% of hiring authorities have difficulty finding passive talent.


Our team of recruiters continuously nurtures a pool of top-notch professionals in positions across the hospitality industry. When a client approaches us with an open position, we often have candidates in mind immediately. By using traditional headhunting techniques, approaching qualified people, and holding deep discussions about their interests and motivations, we are able to place the best candidates that are motivated for the right reasons.

The result is a refined list of elite applicants — pre-qualified, screened, vetted, and filtered through requirements that you establish. No poring over hundreds of resumes, settling on 5-10 to interview, and trying to determine which are telling the truth. All screening and qualifying are done for you so your staff can focus on what you do best: run your operation.

These candidates are qualified, passionate, motivated, and ready to meet you. If they have to move cross-country, they’ve already talked to their spouse before they’re talking to you. Each knows that will have to pass your specific qualifications, including a drug screen or background check. They know and accept the compensation range. There won’t be surprises that frustrate the process.



SHS GuaranteedWhen you hire an applicant from an online job board, there’s no back-up plan if they don’t work out. Were they untruthful about their qualifications? You’re out of luck. Do they suddenly resign after a few weeks? You’ll have to repeat the long, costly process again.

Every SHS candidate brings a guaranteed evaluation period of six months. In rare events that a placed candidate resigns or is terminated for cause, we will present additional qualified candidates at no extra cost. After the initial six months, SHS provides recruiting support at reduced rates.

When you work with a recruiting agency, you have a confidant and partner. Trusted experts who can give you answers and advice. Don’t go it alone, with no Plan B, spending valuable time trying to find qualified candidates. As with many other top-rated hospitality operations, SHS can be your recruiting secret weapon WHEN TALENT MATTERS MOST.



Let us place the best fit for your next open position – a satisfied candidate with matching motivations who will outperform her peers. Contact Strategic Hospitality Search Restaurant Staffing today to get started.


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The mission of Strategic Hospitality Search (SHS) is to partner with our clients throughout the US to create cultures of excellence and to enhance the careers of our candidates. SHS provides expert talent acquisition and consulting services, empowering clients to develop a more aligned work environment resulting in increased profitability and amplified innovation. To learn why hospitality leaders and entrepreneurs call on SHS When Talent Matters Most, visit our Placement Process page.

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