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Your sterling reputation can be a double-edged sword during the hiring process. On one hand, potential candidates may consider or accept other offers long before they hear details of your job opportunity. But including your name in job postings can bring unwanted challenges and complications.

The good news is that client confidentiality is standard practice at Strategic Hospitality Search. We protect your identity, winning quality talent for you using recruiting acumen and standard-of-the-industry interviewing process. In fact, statistics show that the interview process itself has a strong influence on a candidates’ decision-making.


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Here are examples of when you should you keep your identity a secret.


Sometimes circumstances call for the need to hire a replacement before you terminate a current employee. The role is so valuable that you can’t afford for it to be open long, especially senior leadership roles. These sensitive situations must remain private because your business could sustain serious damage if your “on the bubble” incumbent discovered they were on the verge of being replaced.


Strategic Hospitality Search the role is so valuable that you can't afford for it to be open long



In many cases, hospitality circles overlap, especially within tightly-knit geographical areas and professional circles. The last thing you need is for your candidate to let the cat out of the bag. We keep the identities of our clients under wraps until we have thoroughly qualified a candidate and secured their commitment to confidentiality, protecting you from additional stress in an already complicated process.


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“Workplace reality is that sometimes you have to release an underperformer and you need the search for their replacement confidential,” says Joseph D’Alessandro, Founder and CEO of Strategic Hospitality Search. “We have empowered many companies to successfully transition, giving our clients the ability to successfully transform their organizations while enhancing their cultures.”


New ventures may not yet be public. Changing strategies may still be developing. Your time and money are riding on the talent you can attract and being first to capitalize on a new opportunity. Post an executive leadership position with your name on it, and competitors may start connecting the dots. Competitive edge lost.


Strategic Hospitality Search your time and money are riding on the talent you can attract


If a candidate is screened and doesn’t make the cut, they could try to take the recruitment process into their own hands. By keeping your company confidential, we eliminate direct applications and stalking phone calls from these not-quite-perfect candidates.

Other candidates – sometimes known as “window shoppers” – use recruitment to collect data about compensation, organizational structure, and perks to improve their current situation. We mitigate those experiences for our clients.


Strategic Hospitality Search window shopper candidates use recruitment to collect data to improve their current situation


Ski resorts and coastal restaurants usually attract a large candidate pool because of their appealing locations. Keeping them secret helps us find them the best candidates for the best reasons.

Candidates can be tempted by a position based on the company’s location or reputation, not for deeper, more lasting reasons. They often make impulsive decisions, convincing themselves they can relocate because a job with you would be good for their career, they need a change of scenery, or they promised that their next job would be in a warm weather climate. In their emotional state, they don’t take into account their spouse’s consideration, roots in the community, obligations to parents, or cost of living adjustments (COLA).

As resignation day or moving day approaches, these candidate often sober up to reality and change their minds. This sets your search back as much as 90 days or worse – they make the move and realize they cannot stay after you have paid to relocate them to the area.

We attract candidates to your opportunities with factors that match their motivations. This is why we spend so much time getting to know each client’s company culture and specific needs of each role, and why we look so deeply at candidates’ personal inspirations. Only after we conclude a candidate is truly qualified, especially motivated, and sincerely passionate for your position will we mention your company’s name.


Let us place the best fit for your next open position – a satisfied candidate with matching motivations who will outperform her peers. Contact Strategic Hospitality Search restaurant staffing today to get started.

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