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Use These Seasonal Employee Rewards To Gain The Loyalty Of Your Top Talent | Restaurant Staffing, Chicago

Are you looking to set your place of business apart from the competitors this holiday season? It starts with your team and the service you provide. Let’s take a look at some of the employee reward incentives top talent has told us they are most attracted to that results in higher morale, dedication, and worker enthusiasm!

Bonus Incentives

Talent are most interested in the bonus incentives and factors of getting a base-salary or shared-profit percentage. You as the employer can payout your top talent by offering:

+ Food, liquor, beverage rewards
+ Recognition from guest surveys and customer reviews
+ Rewards on business metrics, like sales growth and profitability
+ Traditional commission, in sales-based roles

Offer Referral Incentives

Offer a monetary incentive for your employees to refer candidatesfor employment. Make the amount substantial enough to get their attention and give them a kicker on their referral’s 6-month anniversary.

Celebrate Employee Rewards Each Month

A monthly ritual celebrating winning attitudes and telling those great stories is a built-in morale boost twelve times a year! Rewards can include monetary, gift cards, or even free meals. 

Give Anniversary Bonuses

Managers and executives can be incentivized and given bonuses based on performance. So, what about your line staff? They deserve a bonus for their loyalty. Consider giving every line-level employee a bonus on their anniversary. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount, but should be at least $25 per year.

Take advantage of the hiring season right now! The workforce is hungry for more hours, so this is the best time to captivate them with hard-worker recognition incentives. 

Do You Have A Guarantee On That Hire?

When you hire an applicant from an online job board, there’s no back-up plan if they don’t work out. Were they untruthful about their qualifications? You’re out of luck. Do they suddenly resign after a few weeks? You’ll have to repeat the long, costly process again.

Every SHS candidate brings a guaranteed evaluation period of six months. In rare events that a placed candidate resigns or is terminated for cause, we will present additional qualified candidates at no extra cost. And after the initial guarantee period, SHS provides recruiting support at reduced rates.

When you work with Strategic Hospitality Search, you have a confidant and partner – trusted experts who can give you answers and advice. Don’t go it alone with no Plan B, wasting valuable time that can be spent driving revenues and profits. Let us find talent, when talent matters most.

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