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Shouldn’t All Your Hires Be Guaranteed?


After weeks of recruiting and vetting, you’ve interviewed, selected, and hired your candidate. But what if the worst-case scenario happens? Qualified staff members resign. Employees have to be terminated for unforeseen reasons. Now you have to re-hire a position you just filled. Where do you go from here?

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Strategic Hospitality Search Six Month Guaranteed DiamondBecause we know how frustrating it can be to replace a recently-hired candidate, SHS offers a guaranteed evaluation period of six months for employees we place. In rare events that a placed candidate resigns or is terminated for cause, we will present additional qualified candidates at no extra cost. After the initial six months, SHS provides recruiting support at reduced rates as an additional courtesy.


“We stand by our process and the candidates we represent, and that’s why we offer this extensive evaluation period. Our long-term clients will attest that SHS is accountable to its agreements and works on replacements with initiative and urgency.”
– Joe D’Alessandro, Founder and CEO


Strategic Hospitality Search New Employees Are Still Deciding Whether They'll Stay In A Job Throughout Their First Six MonthsObviously, the first months on the job are great opportunities to evaluate a new employee. But an evaluation period is not just one-sided. While they may be excited to start their new position, your new hire is also assessing his recent move and adjusting to a different environment. In fact, 90% of new employees are still deciding whether they’ll stay in a job throughout their first six months. They are wondering the same things you are: Was this the right choice? Is this a good fit?

According to one study of employers, more than 40% of turnover happens within the first month. Another 10% or more of hires leave before their first year. For new staff members, first impressions can be key to a successful tenure. The first few months, even weeks, can be crucial for retaining employees long-term.


Strategic Hospitality Search Turnover happens Within The First MonthThe very best way to retain new employees from day one is to implement a formal onboarding program. Organized onboarding eases new staff through their transition period and helps them feel confident early. In companies with onboarding programs, 91% of employees are retained in their first year. Only 50% of are retained in companies that don’t.

Onboarding programs can look different, based upon the employer and position, but you should:

• Answer all logistical concerns (parking, hours, paid time off, benefits, etc.)
• Personalize to the person, role, and team
• Make learning interactive (“show, don’t tell”)

Strategic Hospitality Search More Of Hires Leave Before Their First Year
Other strategies for a successful evaluation period include:

• Set clear expectations for their role
• Give realistic goals for what they should have learned or achieved (at 30, 60, 90 days) • Observe and monitor performance closely
• Give in-the-moment feedback to affirm or correct behaviors
• Check in early (after 15 days) to make sure you’re both on the same page


For more ideas, download our full list of 42 Retention Practices.


You can’t predict everything. But because our proven process finds and presents only the most able talent available, needing to replace a new hire is rare.

From 360 ̊ reference checks to relational interviews to thorough vetting, we’re confident in the candidates we present. And since we constantly evaluate candidates’ motivation throughout the recruitment process, a regrettable hire is unlikely and uncommon.


The mission of Strategic Hospitality Search (SHS) is to partner with our clients throughout the US to create cultures of excellence and to enhance the careers of our candidates. SHS provides expert talent acquisition and consulting services, empowering clients to develop a more aligned work environment resulting in increased profitability and amplified innovation. To learn why hospitality leaders and entrepreneurs call on SHS When Talent Matters Most, visit our Placement Process page.

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