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How Quickly Can You Hire Me Someone?

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Strategic Hospitality Services Jobs Are Filled Every Couple Seconds

In the growing hospitality industry, a job is filled every 2.5 seconds. Yet, nearly three in four employers (74%) say they’ve hired the wrong person for a position at least once.

When asked for hiring timelines, most clients quote the same common expressions —”yesterday” or “ASAP” or “now.” While we can’t travel back in time or fill your open position in 2.5 seconds, we do work with equal parts urgency and thoroughness to avoid making a bad hire. (Yes, we can do both.)



Because you can’t afford to leave an important role unfilled.

In order to keep service up to your high standards, filling a hole in your staff is crucial. Whether it’s an unexpected resignation or an unfortunate dismissal, every open position brings high costs to your business – by stretching your current staff and limiting its capabilities.

The negative impact caused by a lost employee can pile on added pressure to hire as quickly as possible. It can be tempting to extend an offer to the first resume that seems “close enough.” But doing so would risk higher long-term costs.

In a survey of 2,500 managers and HR reps, 43% said they made a bad hire because they felt they needed to fill the job quickly. Which is why balancing urgency with thorough candidate vetting is key to making good hiring decisions.

Strategic Hospitality Search Managers Bad Hire Fill Job Quickly43% of managers and HR reps say
they’ve made a bad hire because they
felt they needed to fill the job quickly.


Because you can’t afford to make a bad hire.

Varying statistics estimate the cost of a bad hire from $15,000 to $30,000 to as much as $240,000.

Reduced productivity, lost time to train a new employee, cost to recruit and train your new staff member … these all effect final cost to replace a hiring mistake. In addition to monetary impact, most employers are more concerned about a drop in staff morale from adding the wrong new person to an established team.

In a survey of hiring managers and HR pros, 35% said they made a bad hire by picking a person without the needed skills (thinking they could train them or overcome the difference). 

Managers said they had to move on from new hires because:

Strategic Hospitality Search Managers Fire Employees Common Reasons

Without careful interviewing and intensive referencing, you run the risk of settling on people who can’t do the job or don’t fit in your organization.



Because your time and staff are worth it.

We qualify candidates through detailed vetting, developed over years recruiting and working in hospitality. Our staff knows exactly what questions to ask and where to probe because we’ve been in your shoes as hiring managers and operators. We’ve hired staff members in every corner of hospitality, for every role. And since we know and have access to talented professionals who may not be actively “looking,” we source candidates you’d never see.


Strategic Hospitality Search Bad Hires Cost Company How Much


Beyond the basic resume validation — and more advanced criminal screens, drug tests, and credit checks — we work to match the cultural DNA of the hiring company to the motivations and soft skills of the ideal candidates. When we check references, we start with a list of nine, from superiors, peers, and subordinates. Our accepted offer ratio is over 90% because we are constantly evaluating candidates’ motivation throughout the process.

With thousands of candidates in our database, we may already know someone that meets your list of must-haves.

Learn more about how we source, present, and help you transition new hires. READ THROUGH OUR COMPLETE 9-STEP PLACEMENT PROCESS.


The difference between accelerated and delayed hiring often hinges on the availability and participation of the hiring client. Our staff is dependent on our clients to collaborate in most stages of candidate sourcing, including:

• Helping us understand the precise needs of your team, organization, and role
• Giving us a detailed role history, including past “good” or “bad” examples
• Quickly responding to questions throughout recruitment
• Providing immediate feedback after presentation of candidates
• Being available and active during the entire interview process
• Work to promptly evaluate candidates after interviews have taken place
• Wasting no time making offers after selecting the best candidate

Together, we can use urgency and thoroughness to find the specific talent that fits your role, team, and company. Contact us today to get started.

Strategic Hospitality Search Confidence In Candidates

For more ideas, download our
full list of 42 Retention Practices.


You can’t predict everything. But because our proven process finds and presents only the most able talent available, needing to replace a new hire is rare.

From 360 ̊ reference checks to relational interviews to thorough vetting, we’re confident in the candidates we present. And since we constantly evaluate candidates’ motivation throughout the recruitment process, a regrettable hire is unlikely and uncommon.

Strategic Hospitality Search Need Better Talent Guaranteed

The mission of Strategic Hospitality Search (SHS) is to partner with our clients throughout the US to create cultures of excellence and to enhance the careers of our candidates. SHS provides expert talent acquisition and consulting services, empowering clients to develop a more aligned work environment resulting in increased profitability and amplified innovation. To learn why hospitality leaders and entrepreneurs call on SHS When Talent Matters Most, visit our Placement Process page.

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