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You want someone you can trust in your corner...

and someone looking out for your dream job when you may not be able to find it yourself. When you join our network, SHS becomes your ally: we’ll present you only to companies whose positions offer opportunities for growth and fulfillment and, if it’s the right fit, we facilitate the hiring process.

We take the time to get to know you and to understand your career goals. If we think you’re the right person for the position, we’ll help make the match: we make the introductions, arrange meetings and interviews, and prepare the client with a good first impression of you before you even walk in the door.

We do all this free of charge to our candidates

Once you apply for a job through one of our recruiters, it is very important that you do not apply for the job elsewhere.  If you do so, we will not be able to represent you and you will lose the benefit of our counsel and advocacy.

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