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Contracting Services

Sometimes your business needs don’t call for the hiring a full-time leader. Many of our successful clients recognize the benefits of hiring an industry expert for specialized counsel, project management, or ongoing development.

Hiring expert contractors instead of full-time employees can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Our experienced and professional contractors can contribute to your success in a number of ways, including:

Strategic Hospitality Search Contracting Services Hospitality Restaurant Recruitment

Menu or Food Offerings

If your food or beverage menus need updating and your operations staff is loyal but lacks menu engineering skills, one of our Chefs or Beverage Managers can tailor their services to your specific needs.

If you want to upgrade your dessert or pastry program but you don’t need a full-time Pastry Chef, one of our experts can consult for your specific venue.


Strategic Hospitality Search Business Consulting Contracting ServicesBusiness, Strategy, and Operations

If you need someone to analyze your business to identify opportunities for growth or ways to cut expenses, one of our Operations Experts can step in to complete that project.

If your business has a seasonal element and you need an extra Manager or Chef for several weeks or months, we can source a temporary professional for you.

If you need a proven expert to help you develop a new food or beverage concept we have access to the top Research & Development experts for restaurants, bars, CPG, food and beverage manufacturing, and co-packing.


Strategic Hospitality Search Social Media Contracting Services

Marketing and Public Relations

If your marketing, social media, or public relations need a boost or you need to create a program unique to your business, we have access to professionals who have worked in venues like yours.

Whatever your need, we can provide the perfect professional.

Discuss your specific need and the details of hiring a contractor through SHS.




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