Catering Crisis Webinar: Q&A With Industry Leaders

Join us for this live webinar replay to address problems facing the catering industry during the COVID-19 Crisis.

Panelists include John Lawrence, Peppers Artful Events (MA); Kornel Grygo, Tasty Catering (IL); and John Rudy, Senior Director of Catering, Bon Appetit Management Co. (CA).

Sponsored and hosted by Strategic Hospitality Search (Joseph D’Alessandro) and Customized Culinary Solutions (John Reed). 

Industry Leaders

Joseph D’Alessandro, CEO

Strategic Hospitality Search


John Reed, CEO

Customized Culinary Solutions


John Lawrence, Co-Owner

Peppers Artful Events 



Kornel Grygo, CEO

Tasty Catering 


John Rudy, SR. Director

Bon Appetit Mgt Co

Topics Answered


  • Do you see the entire catering industry making a change towards smaller gatherings, and more individualized service?
  • Moving Forward any idea’s how to cater parties in the future with Social Distancing?

Ongoing Safety Standards

  • How will the effects of COVID change presentation?  Will this be the end of buffets or the end of self-service only buffets? 
  • Will passed appetizers still be relevant or will that change in the scope of people’s fear for their safety and health? Will more companies switch to an individual item/box/bowl?



Marketing & Sales

  • There are third-party delivery companies that take a 10% fee for any catering that they book for you. What referral companies have you used or can you recommend one or two?
  • Eventually when the restrictions are lifted for social distancing how do you foresee your sales team selling an event where guests will feel comfortable being in close contact with one another?

Government Support

  • Is there any legislation to extend the 8 weeks of payroll since most event industry companies won’t be able to hold large events within 8 weeks?
  • Is there any group leading a charge to try to get govt. funding for the late summer and early fall when most caterers won’t have been able to ramp back up because of lack of corporate business and nervous wedding clients?
  • Do you see any conglomeration of trade associations (NRA, LCA, Catersource, NACE, AHLA, etc.) coming together to lobby congress for additional financial support?

Onboarding & Reopening

  • What % of business do you think the average catering company will lose in the next 6 months as a result of the crisis? Next year? Do you see it coming back to the same level or with the same budget in the next year or two?
  • How are you using this time to prepare for re-opening…whenever that may be?

Get Ahead Of The Curve

Take on the hardest issues ahead of you – even including the thoughts of your top talent in the solution brainstorm.

The thing we can be assured is that there is some predictability in the lifespan and progress of the health concerns we are all facing. Be the leader in your organization and move everyone forward with steady confidence and your team and customers will respond.

How are you distinguishing yourself to attract the best candidates? We’re here to make that all happen!

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