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Restaurant Webinar: Q&A With Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises President, RJ Melman

Strategic Hospitality Search Restaurant Manager Recruiter Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises Webinar

Join us for this live webinar replay to address problems facing the restaurant industry during the COVID-19 Crisis with Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises President, RJ Melman Let’s look at how restaurants have changed to survive. We’ll provide updated insight to the industry from a successful restaurant entrepreneur and look at the future of restaurants in…

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Catering Crisis Webinar: Q&A With Industry Leaders

Join us for this live webinar replay to address problems facing the catering industry during the COVID-19 Crisis. Panelists include John Lawrence, Peppers Artful Events (MA); Kornel Grygo, Tasty Catering (IL); and John Rudy, Senior Director of Catering, Bon Appetit Management Co. (CA). Sponsored and hosted by Strategic Hospitality Search (Joseph D’Alessandro) and Customized Culinary…

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Restaurant Crisis Webinar: Q&A With Industry Leaders

Restaurant Crisis Webinar- Q&A With Industry Leaders Header

Industry Leaders Joseph D’Alessandro, CEO Strategic Hospitality Search  RJ Melman, President Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises 120 Locations Danny McGowan, COO Cornerstone Restaurant Group  12 Locations Rhienna McClain, Proprietor 1776 Restaurant  1 Locations Topics Answered Innovations The most effective innovations they’ve put into place to persevere through the COVID-19 crisis In Q3, with health stabilize, a…

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Examples Of Leadership During Crisis In The Hospitality Industry

crisis strategic hospitality search restaurant executive recruiter hiring staffing chicago draft

Examples Of Leadership During Crisis In The Hospitality Industry We are in uncharted territory today! Restaurants, hotels, and membership clubs are learning to adapt to new challenges in the marketplace and address the biggest concern of consumers today, health safety. They’re also looking for services and products that solve their daily needs and make them feel…

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Why February Is One Of The TOP Months To Hire

strategic hospitality search draft executive hospitality recruiter this is the top months to hire

Why February Is One Of The TOP Months To Hire What is the best time of year top talent is looking for a new job? This month! Data shows this is the best time of year to hire the best people. Hiring managers have received new hiring budgets for the year, the majority of workers…

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Recruitment: What’s In It For You?


Our clients are always wondering, “How can recruiters help me be profitable?” “How much will this cost?” “How quickly can you fill?” “What quality will you bring me?” It all comes down to what’s in it for you! With the good economy comes expansion and growth for new restaurant concepts. You need quality professionals running your…

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Illinois: New AI Hiring Regulations Of It’s Kind

strategic hospitality search restaurant recruiter new hiring regulations for ai video interviews draft

Starting January 1, 2020 Illinois will be the first state to implement AI hiring regulations. What does this mean? HR departments and hiring managers may not have full freedom to use AI video interviewing analysis and evaluation.   Facial Expressions & Qualification Indicators   Some AI interviewing platforms claim to assess facial and voice expressions for applicant competency. Other AI interviewing platforms claim…

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Why Do You Keep Your Clients Confidential? | Restaurant Staffing, Chicago

Strategic Hospitality Search Confidential Clients

Your sterling reputation can be a double-edged sword during the hiring process. On one hand, potential candidates may consider or accept other offers long before they hear details of your job opportunity. But including your name in job postings can bring unwanted challenges and complications. The good news is that client confidentiality is standard practice…

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What Is Your Process? | Restaurant Staffing, Chicago


With unemployment rates dropping below 4%, many companies are facing an uphill battle to find qualified talent. In hospitality especially, a boost in the economy also means increased competition to hire and keep employees. At restaurants alone, Americans spent around 14% more on eating out in 2017 than they did in 2010. More restaurants mean…

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Why Invest In A Recruiter? | Hospitality Restaurant Staffing, Chicago

Strategic Hospitality Search Why Invest In A Recruiter

Posting a job opening on an online job board is common practice in today’s digital world. Job listing websites boast low posting costs and centralized management of submitted applications. But posting an open position is just the beginning. The real work (and costs) come after the resumes start pouring in. Before you get in the…

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How Do You Know What To Look For In A Candidate?

Strategic Hospitality Search How Do You Know What To Look For In A Candidate

BIG QUESTIONS SERIES: ANSWERING THE MOST COMMON AGENCY QUESTIONS If only 12% of workers are actively looking for a new job, but 45% would be open to talking to a recruiter about the right opportunity, how do we know which candidates to approach? What characteristics get our attention—positively and negatively? And how can we be…

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How Quickly Can You Hire Me Someone?

Strategic Hospitality Search How Quickly Can You Find Me Someone To Hire Header

BIG QUESTIONS SERIES: ANSWERING THE MOST COMMON AGENCY QUESTIONS In this series of articles, we tackle the most commonly asked questions of our recruiters. Follow our blog or subscribe to our email newsletter for more FAQ answers. In the growing hospitality industry, a job is filled every 2.5 seconds. Yet, nearly three in four employers…

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Shouldn’t All Your Hires Be Guaranteed?

Strategic Hospitality Search Six Month Guarantee Header

BIG QUESTIONS SERIES: ANSWERING THE MOST COMMON AGENCY QUESTIONS After weeks of recruiting and vetting, you’ve interviewed, selected, and hired your candidate. But what if the worst-case scenario happens? Qualified staff members resign. Employees have to be terminated for unforeseen reasons. Now you have to re-hire a position you just filled. Where do you go…

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Boost Your Career And Become More Valuable Through Certifications

Leaders are learners. The best leaders keep learning throughout their career. Continuous education not only propels you to excellence as an operator, but it is also a great way to increase attractiveness to potential employers. Since getting into a classroom a few days a week won’t work for most busy Chefs, Managers, and Executives, consider…

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I Think My New Boss Doesn’t Like Me…Now What?

Making a job or career transition can be stressful. Complicating the challenge are the emotions that surface when we are introduced to a new environment and new people. People who have been working together for a while have bonds forged in the work they have done together. It is only natural to feel like a…

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Hospitality Interviews: “You’re on!”

One of my mentors in hospitality told me, “The moment your feet touch the ground on property, consider yourself ‘on.’” He would repeat these words when addressing resort operations staff prior to high season, letting us all know that we are to be ambassadors of our resort brand to every one of our guests. This…

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Four Keys to Multi-unit Leadership

In my previous role, I had the honor of supporting a great number of amazing multi-unit restaurant leaders over the course of twelve years. I learned as much from them as I hope they did from me. I think the roles of Area Director, Regional Manager, and other multi-unit roles are the most important posts…

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Interviewing with a Celebrity Chef or Restaurateur

Interviewing with a Celebrity Chef or Restaurateur We are privileged to serve all of our clients, and some of our clients have celebrity status. Some are Chefs with hit TV shows, best-seller cookbooks, and successful worldwide businesses. Some are restaurateurs who seem to strike gold with every new operation they open. When you are interviewing…

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Hospitality Managers: Teach P&L Skills

This year SHS has been in analytics mode, employing a professional researcher to study a variety of topics that affect hiring in the hospitality verticals we serve. (What can I say? We’re curious.) One piece of the research included the analysis of over 500 job postings to gather objective data on the attributes sought most…

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Four Interview Basics That Give You An Edge

Four Interview Basics That Give You An Edge Many job applicants are losing sight of some basic interviewing skills, and it’s not just recruiters who are noticing. Here are just four basics that will give you an edge over your competition. Arrive Early, Unflustered Several years back I had a candidate who had an interview…

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Five Principles to Avoid a Midlife Hospitality Career Crisis

In 15 years as an agency recruiter I have had countless conversations with professionals at a crossroads in their career. Some were able to make critical decisions from a position of strength, some were at a point of weakness, and some were in a panic. “Life” just crept up, and they found themselves needing to…

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The “Triple Win” Benefits Of a Structured Culinary Stage Program

Chefs want to evaluate the talent pool before making their final choice of who to hire and mentor. Aspiring culinarians seek career-building jobs under the best chefs but don’t have the experience or connections to get them. The solution: schedule a “stage.” Originating from the French word stagiaire, meaning “trainee, apprentice, intern,” a stage occurs…

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Are Your Career Goals Vision-driven?

Are Your Career Goals Vision-driven? As you close the books on 2015 and look forward to the new chapters to write, you should be taking time to consider whether your goals for 2016 are aligned with your career vision. Yes, next year will be about the work you do for your company as it should.…

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Executive Hospitality Resume Tips

1. TELL THE TRUTH…AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH The best companies will not tolerate falsehood…so do not embellish… ever…about anything. Besides, you have value wherever you are in your career and there is a great job out there for the YOU that YOU ARE! 2. USE MICROSOFT WORD…OR ENSURE MICROSOFT COMPATIBILITY Microsoft has the market…

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Hospitality Interview Tips

Always wear a solid color, conservative suit Conservative, long-sleeved shirt/blouse, preferably white For Chefs, wear a white, spotless, pressed jacket without any logo or name, polished shoes, black socks and black pants. Hosiery at or near skin color Carry a light briefcase or portfolio instead (with resume, references, paper and pen) Polished, dark, conservative, low-heel…

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Do’s and Dont’s for Tasting Interviews

With increasing frequency operators are requiring chef candidates to perform “practical application” interviews, more commonly known as “tastings.” Companies large and small conduct them for three main reasons: They reveal a candidate’s actual culinary skills They provide insight into a candidate’s character under pressure They help evaluate culture fit and bring the candidate’s would-be peers…

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