Our Process

Hospitality Recruitment starts with SHS

  • Our vetting process sets the industry standard, and you will only interview candidates who are not only qualified, but motivated and pre-closed to the compensation package.
  • We do not pay for postings. We tap the passive market for you, and we do it quickly. You will be reviewing the resumes of several bulls-eye candidates within one week of launch.
  • Our service is professional and complete. Looking at just one leg of the recruiting process, the reference checks we complete are recorded verbatum, and our clients receive the unfiltered feedback along with the references’ contact information for verification if desired.

The SHS Placement Process

We’re your hospitality search partner and we need to work together closely to be successful, keeping the lines of communication open throughout the process to achieve the goal of placing the perfect candidate with your organization. The typical search flows as follows:

1. Understand Company Structure & Culture
Matching the job specs is only part of what of what makes a candidate perfect for the job. SHS gets to know your unique DNA so we can make a cultural fit and a soft skills match.

2. Candidate Job Description & Compensation
With thousands of candidates in our database, we are constantly interviewing professionals in your vertical, so we can advise on appropriate compensation for your specific requirement.

3. Sourcing, Screening & Qualification
We go straight for the passive market candidates – the “A” players who are not paying attention to the job boards – to ensure you have access to the best talent in your vertical.

4. Presentation
Our interview process sets the standard, and along with the resume our recruiters present a brief but insightful summary of qualities gleaned during our vetting process.

5. Collaboration
SHS is a relationship-driven agency and we rely on strong communication and collaboration so we can work together to place the best candidate for you.

6. Interview Process

Our recruiters facilitate the interviews for you, seeing the process through from first interview to the first day on the job. We’ll take the headache out of scheduling for you!

7. Referencing
SHS requires candidates to provide nine references so we can perform a 360˚ Reference Check. You receive a multi-page spreadsheet containing the candid responses to the same set of questions asked of your candidates’ superiors, peers, and subordinates.

8. Offer & Acceptance
Our accepted offer ratio is over 90% because we are constantly evaluating candidates’ motivation throughout the process. At offer time, SHS will tactfully negotiate to ensure the package is mutually beneficial and the employment relationship begins on sure footing.

9. Hire & Transition
SHS offers a guaranteed evaluation period in the rare and unfortunate event that a placed candidate resigns or is terminated for cause. Our long-term clients will attest that SHS is accountable to its agreements and works on replacements with initiative and urgency.

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